Where was Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect filmed?

Where was Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect filmed?

Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” took the world by storm with its heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melody. But aside from the mesmerizing music, fans couldn’t help but wonder where the accompanying music video was filmed. The answer lies in the breathtaking beauty of the Austrian ski resort of Hintertux.

In the “Perfect” music video, Sheeran takes us on a romantic journey through the snow-covered mountains of Hintertux. Alongside actress Zoey Deutch, the video captures the essence of a winter wonderland, encompassing love, joy, and the magic of the holiday season.

As the video begins, we find Sheeran and Deutch embarking on a ski trip with a group of friends. The excitement is palpable as they hit the slopes and embrace the thrill of gliding down the powdery white snow. The picturesque surroundings of Hintertux serve as the perfect backdrop for the joyous scenes that unfold.

Throughout the video, Sheeran and Deutch’s chemistry leaps off the screen, further enhancing the song’s message of finding love amidst the winter chill. Their playful interactions and heartwarming moments resonate with viewers, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort, even in the frosty atmosphere.

One of the most memorable scenes in the “Perfect” video is when Sheeran and Deutch find themselves dancing in the snow. Their carefree movements and infectious smiles reflect the carefree nature of love, reminding us of the bliss that can be found in simple moments.

The video reaches its peak as Sheeran and Deutch stumble upon a cozy cabin tucked away in the snowy landscape. Inside, they share intimate moments, and the cabin becomes a sanctuary for their blossoming love. The contrasting warmth of the cabin against the wintry outdoors symbolizes the transformative power of love to bring comfort and solace even in the coldest of times.

“Perfect” is not only a testament to Ed Sheeran’s musical talent but also to the astonishing beauty of Hintertux. The video showcases the allure of winter, the majesty of snow-capped mountains, and the joy of engaging in winter sports. It serves as an invitation to experience the enchantment of the Austrian Alps, where adventure and serenity coexist.

Moreover, the video captivates viewers with its ethereal visuals, embodying the festive spirit and magic of Christmas. As snowflakes cascade, lights twinkle, and laughter fills the air, a sense of unity and celebration permeates every frame.

In the end, Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” music video takes us on a captivating journey through the snowy wonderland of Hintertux. It signifies the power of love to transcend all obstacles, even in the harshest of climates. As viewers, we cannot help but be enchanted by the chemistry between Sheeran and Deutch, as well as the breathtaking scenery that serves as the stage for their love story.

Hintertux, with its pristine slopes, charming cabins, and awe-inspiring landscapes, becomes a reflection of the beauty and splendor that can be found in the heart of winter. It reminds us of the timeless allure of snow-capped mountains and the boundless joy that comes from embracing the magic of the holiday season.

So, the next time you listen to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” close your eyes, and allow yourself to be transported to the magical realm of Hintertux. Let the enchanting melody and captivating lyrics take you on a journey through the snow-capped peaks and into the warm embrace of love.

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