Should you list original price on Poshmark?

When it comes to selling items on Poshmark, many sellers find themselves debating whether or not to include the original price of their items. Some may wonder if it is necessary or even beneficial to include this information. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of listing the original price on Poshmark, and help you make the best decision for your sales.

One of the primary reasons sellers consider listing the original price is to create a sense of value for potential buyers. By showing the original price, sellers can highlight the discount that buyers are getting by purchasing the item on Poshmark. This strategy can be especially effective for high-end or designer items, as shoppers are often more inclined to make a purchase when they feel they are getting a great deal.

Including the original price on a listing can also help attract potential buyers who are specifically searching for discounted items. Many people actively search for deals and bargains on Poshmark, and by listing the original price, sellers can catch the attention of these bargain hunters. This can lead to increased visibility and a higher likelihood of making a sale.

Additionally, including the original price can also serve as a reference point for buyers. When shoppers know the original price, they can compare it to the listed price and determine if it is a fair deal. This transparency can build trust between the buyer and the seller, as it shows that the seller has nothing to hide and is offering a genuine discount.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to listing the original price on Poshmark. One concern is that it may give buyers unrealistic expectations about the item’s value and condition. If a seller lists an item with a high original price but the item is in poor condition, buyers may be disappointed when they receive it. To avoid this, sellers should ensure that the listed price accurately reflects the item’s condition.

Another consideration is that including the original price can sometimes backfire if the item does not sell for the desired price. Buyers may question why the item has not sold at or near its original price, leading them to question its value. This could potentially deter buyers from making a purchase, even if the item is listed at a significantly lower price.

If the original price of an item is unknown, sellers can turn to Poshmark itself for guidance. By doing a quick search on the platform, sellers can see what similar items are being listed for by other sellers. This can help sellers get an idea of the general price range for their item and provide a starting point for determining the original price.

In conclusion, while there are benefits to listing the original price on Poshmark, it is ultimately up to the seller to decide if it is worth including. Consider the potential advantages and disadvantages, and evaluate how it aligns with your selling strategy. Remember to accurately represent the item’s value and condition to maintain trust with buyers.

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