How do I contact DC property tax?

When it comes to property tax in Washington, D.C., many individuals may find themselves seeking assistance or wanting to contact the relevant authorities for various reasons. Whether it is to inquire about their tax account, seek clarifications, or address specific concerns, having the right information on how to contact the DC property tax department is essential. Fortunately, the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) has established channels to ensure taxpayers can easily reach out for assistance.

To contact the OTR regarding property tax-related matters or questions about the online platform, individuals can get in touch with the e-Services Unit. This specialized unit is dedicated to providing assistance and support in navigating through the online services offered by the OTR. Whether you need help with accessing your account or have inquiries about specific features or functionalities of the platform, the e-Services Unit is there to help.

One of the primary ways to reach out to the e-Services Unit is by phone. By dialing (202) 759-1946 during office hours, which are from 8:15 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, taxpayers can directly speak to a representative who can provide guidance and support. This direct communication allows for a more personal and efficient approach to addressing concerns or resolving issues related to property tax matters.

In addition to phone support, the OTR also provides an email option for those preferring written communication. Taxpayers can send their account-related questions or concerns to This email address serves as a direct line of communication with the e-Services Unit and ensures that individuals can receive assistance and support in a timely manner. Whether it is requesting clarification about a tax bill, inquiring about payment options, or any other property tax-related matters, emailing the e-Services Unit allows individuals to have a documented record of their correspondence for future reference.

The establishment of accessible communication channels exemplifies the commitment of the OTR to help taxpayers navigate the complexities of DC property tax. By providing dedicated phone and email support through the e-Services Unit, individuals can easily reach out for assistance and have their questions addressed by knowledgeable professionals. This accessibility not only ensures a smooth and efficient process but also promotes transparency and accountability within the tax system.

In conclusion, for individuals seeking to contact the DC property tax department, the e-Services Unit of the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue is readily available. Whether it is through phone support or email communication, taxpayers can reach out for assistance regarding their tax accounts or inquiries about This commitment to providing accessible communication channels reflects the focus on enhancing the taxpayer experience and highlighting the culture of efficiency and transparency within the American tax system.

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