What do you wear to Zaxby’s orientation?

When it comes to Zaxby’s orientation, the dress code may vary depending on your position within the company. For most employees, the attire typically consists of blue slacks and a shirt in either blue or red. However, if you are a manager, the dress code differs slightly, allowing you to wear black slacks instead of blue.

One thing that is consistent for all positions is the requirement to wear black slip-resistant shoes. These shoes are crucial in maintaining a safe and secure working environment, as they provide the necessary traction to prevent slips and falls. Whether you opt for laced or non-laced shoes is a personal preference, as long as they fulfill the slip-resistant criterion.

To complete the outfit, it is advised to wear a black belt that matches the color of your slacks. This not only adds a touch of professionalism to your appearance but also ensures that your pants fit well and stay securely in place throughout your shift.

In terms of shirts, it is recommended to initially purchase only two blue or red shirts. This is because as you progress through the orientation process, the company will eventually provide you with a shirt of their own. By limiting your initial purchases, you can save both money and wardrobe space. However, if you prefer to have more options or variations in color, you are certainly welcome to do so.

As for the specific types of shirts, a T-shirt is typically appropriate for the orientation. This allows for comfort and ease of movement while you learn the ropes of your new role. However, it is essential to avoid any clothing that may be offensive, inappropriate, or overly casual. Remember that you are representing the company during orientation, and maintaining a professional appearance is important.

In conclusion, Zaxby’s orientation requires employees to follow a relatively straightforward dress code. Blue slacks are the standard choice, although managers are granted the flexibility to wear black slacks instead. Slip-resistant black shoes are mandatory for safety purposes, while a matching black belt adds a touch of refinement to the outfit. Initially, it is recommended to purchase only a couple of blue or red shirts, as the company will eventually provide you with its own shirt. Lastly, a comfortable T-shirt is suitable for the orientation, as long as it is appropriate and in line with the company’s dress code.

By adhering to the dress code guidelines, you are not only ensuring a positive first impression but also demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and the Zaxby’s culture. So, dress well, be prepared, and make the most out of your Zaxby’s orientation experience.

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